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Naruto's Kunai Game Naruto's Kunai Game

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Not bad.

Not bad for a first attempt, but there should be more challenge in the game (I'm sure you'll hear this a lot with the first few games you make). Just keep trying. Perhaps you should make it so that the level moves instead of Naruto. Also, look up swapDepths so that if Naruto is in front of an enemy, he actually appears in front, rather than sort of underneath.

All in all, good effort.

notoriousfry responds:

an interesting idea, i could give the game more of a brawler feel if i made the level scroll insted of naruto just walking into a wall, i origionally planed on doing that when i first started the game, but im still learing alot about actionscript and flash.
thank you for telling me about the swap depth function, i will try and implement that in a update.